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This week in Statz....


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So i'm here to bring ya some more cool stuff this week...it is always easier to find good stats after a win it seems....

#1) The Falcons lead the division in defensive tackles for losses, at 35. Surprisingly, NO is 2nd with 32nd.

Jonathan Babs paces the team with 7 TFL's.

Brent Grimes leads all DB's with 3.

Davis is 2nd overall with 4, with Abraham and Kroy Biermann(!) both having 3 a piece. Kinda cool stat for the rook.

*TFL's not counting sacks.

#2) Michael Turner has the least receiving yards of any running back in the league with more than 49 carries....and guess who has 48 carries and ZERO receiving yards? Thats right, our ol' tiny dancer TJ Duckett.

Thats wrong, I can't hate on Duckett. The guy beat up like 3 skinheads at one time when he was a rookie....seriously, up in Michigan.

#3) Brian Finneran had gone 1,434 days without fumbling the football....guess he's gotta start over.

#4) HD has the league's highest YPR on punts for anyone with 10+ returns....he also has, by far, the most 20+ yard returns per attempt.

#5) Snelling, once leading the league in special teams tackles, is on a dry spell....and now Coy Wire is only 1 or 2 spec team tackles behind him.

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sweet, nice job on the stats. mind if I jump in?

Over the last 5 games the falcons are 4-1. During that span Matt Ryan has:

1. Had a passer rating over 130 three of those 5 games

2. Has thrown 6 TDs to only 1 INT

3. Has not completed less then 60% of his passes for one game and twice has gone over the 70% mark.

4. Has lead an offense that averaged 29 ppg over that span

5. combined stats over that period are: 87/128 68% completed 1184 yards 6 TDs 1 INT 9.25 YPA passer rating = 110


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HD is a beast. i saw how many 20+ yd returns the other day when i looked it up. it seems like he has one almost every game.

In his 5 total games as the punt returner he has 4 20+ returns.....so pretty close...

Oakland(first game)

-2 returns for 12 yards = 6 YPR


-2 returns for 32 yards = 16 YPR...he had a 25 yarder in that game


-1 return for 9 yards


-3 returns for 93 yards = 31 YPR...he had a 61 yard return and a 27 yarder

San Diego

-2 returns for 32 yards = 16 YPR...he had a 32 yarder and a muffed punt(zero yards)

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I really like the patience HD shows when looking to return the punt. Harry has not shown the ole catch it and run the direction of the blocking. I see him taking a moment to "see" the field and look for the crease to hit. The good thing his burst allows him to hit the crease after taking that moment so many other returners seem to lack. Harry isn't Hester, however for the most part he seems to be making great decisions with the single muff exception.

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