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Awesome time in San Diego! So Proud....


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So I live in Vegas and drove down to see my beloved Falcons....had seats right on the 50 Row 15 and when I arrived to my surprise I saw about 300 Falcon fans!! It was awesome considering I thought I would be razzed all game by the Charger fans. What was especially cool was that Arthur Blanks walked over to the stands and thanked us for coming to the game, shook hands and took pictures and signed some autographs...you can tell he loves this team!

It was an ugly win, but I'm so glad I got to experience it with so many other fans. Can't wait for Sunday!!



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I was also at the game... was great game.. Then I go to the Atlanta Falcons web site and find this.. I couldn't believe it LOL


Me and my Little girl(in pink falcons shirt)... I was yelling more then the Chargers fans LOL.. can't what until they come back this way....

Curious...where did you find fan pictures on the site? I had my pic taken but idn't know where it may have been posted/

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