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Stats back up Ryan as possibly the best rookie QB EVER


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Jeff (DC): I've heard the subjective arguments, but haven't actually seen any of your numbers regarding Matt Ryan and his place among all-time rookie QB's. Where does he rank?

Football Outsiders' Aaron Schatz: (6:49 PM ET ) As of this week, Ryan passed Ben Roethlisberger for the most DYAR (defense-adjusted yards above replacement) among rookie quarterbacks since 1995, which is when the Football Outsiders play database starts. Ryan also has the highest passing DVOA of any rookie who started the majority of the season -- higher even than Roethlisberger, though that could change over the final four weeks.

Going back before the FO advanced stats, the best rookie season by a quarterback before 1995 was probably Greg Cook for the 1969 Bengals. Even after adjusting for the dramatically better offensive environment of today, Ryan is having a better year.

I think it is pretty clear that unless he hits some sort of wall -- unlikely with New Orleans and St. Louis still on the schedule -- Ryan will go down as the greatest rookie quarterback in NFL history.


Frigging sweet. Go Matty Ice, Go.

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Anyone that has watched the BC vs VT game had a glimpse of what this kid is capable of. I just never expected him to adjust to this league so quickly. It's pretty amazing. The most surreal part to me is that we are the same age...I'm jumping up one in two days though...

My wish... I'll let you guys know in January.

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