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Yesterday's game vs. San Diego was proof of media bias


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It's funny how the Falcons have mosied along beating teams like the Bears, winning at Green Bay, Panthers, Saints, they haven't beaten anybody, ya ya ya, but we beat a 4-8 Charger team and all of a sudden we are for real to the outsiders eyes.

The reason why:

Chargers made a deep playoff run LAST YEAR and were favorite to make, if not win the Super Bowl THIS YEAR

Falcons were 4-12 LAST YEAR, laughing stock of the NFL, predicted to finish last THIS YEAR.

"Wow, the Falcons just beat a team that almost made it to the Super Bowl LAST YEAR, at their place!!" says the media, despite their current 4-8 record. They lose to us, and people, the media, ask "What's wrong with the Chargers? They lost to a team who was 4-12 LAST YEAR (despite our 8-4 record now)"

This goes to show you, it's not just because we're the Falcons, it's because the media puts so much stock on last year. Case in point, the Colts have gotten lucky breaks winning ugly games in the AFC and they're still probably the favorites despite Pittsburgh and the Titans dominance (although they did beat Pitt, but still) Even the Cowboys, despite the NFC South teams, are considered the 2nd best team in the NFC: media bias

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There is the record of West Coast teams beating visitors who come from the East coast. I think that is a story unto itself. See, in theory, the odds are ALWAYS against the team from the East because of time zones and all that.

Well, we BEAT the Raiders at home.

Then we BEAT the Chargers at home.

Statistically unlikely.

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I do agree the media is extremely biased against the Falcons. Regarding this win, the reason it was so impressive was because SD is a lot better than their record and they were desparate for a win. They lost 23-20 to Indy last week. They lost 11-10 to Pitt the week before. They lost to Car by 2, Den by 1, and NO by 5. They also stomped the Jets 48-29 and the Pats 30-10. I know you are what your record says you are. But the reality is that they've lost some real close games against some really good teams, and they were desparate for a win, and WE STILL BEAT THEM! This win says a lot about our team.

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Unfortunately for those who base their team's worth on "Media Love", they will find a very elusive opportunity to feel the love for the Falcons. Historically, the Falcons have been perrineal "underacheivers". YOU WILL NOT GET RESPECT FROM THE MEDIA UNTIL THEY FEEL THE FALCONS DESERVE IT. The ATL Falcons will have to continue to persue greatness for the rest of the season, punch it deep into the playoffs with and NFCC appearance and duplicate the effort again with consistent wins over teams with winning records next year as well.

Don't be foolish and expect all network analyists to jump on the Falcon train as have the rejuvinated fans of this season. With a couple of more division wins and a chance at the postseason ALONG with a continued "thumping" of the reaminder of the season's opponents, then you can anticipate some APPREHENSIVE media love. I suggest remaining true to "Dem Birds" and find solace in your ability to love what little bit of glory we have acheived this season. Humble comes to mind at this stage of the season...

I feel if our team can stay healthy we can make a mockery of the analyists that purport to know more about Falcon football than the hypnotized fans of late... We had an excellent November that was only tarnished by the Denver loss (that shouldn't have been).

Expect a surging December Falcon team to remain energized, focused and just plain hungry for victory but remember that the fickle winds of fortune can blow another way when ready. I feel ATL can and will continue to march week by week towards the promised post season land. But until the end of December arrives remian humble and optimistict that these Falcons are for real and ready to drop the hammer on any team in the league they face in the coming weeks.

I must say that I do enjoy Marshall Faulk making the wrong pick week in and week out while Sapp gets a big ol' grin going.

Great year to be a Falcon fan!!!!! I got tickets today for the Falcons/Rams. It will be good to come home and watch us kick some home butt!

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