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Bucs vs Panthers

Bucs vs Panthers  

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  1. 1. Who would you prefer winning?

    • Tampa
    • Carolina

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It depends if you want WC or Division lead.

Division lead: Carolina beats TB. TB gets a loss, and hopefully Carolina stumbles down the stretch. Better chance for the division lead for us.

WC: TB beats Carolina. Carolina continues to stumble, TB can have the division and we have a much easier shot at WC.

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Definetly Carolina, so Tampa could lose momentum and thereby making it easier for us to take em down the week after.

plus Tampas a better team then carolina with an easier schedule.

in the long run we would want carolina to be the division leader come next sunday because they are more prone to messing up in the weeks after than tampa bay

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I want Tampa to lose this one because as stated, their schedule is rediculously easy after the ATL game. Plus, CAR seems to have peaked early as despite getting a win in GB yesterday, their "vaunted" defense has given up 76 points in the past 2 games, and they were one missed holding call on a late kickoff return yesterday from being 8-4 right now. CAR has games coming up against DEN, NO and NYG so it would appear that they have some potential loses coming their way.

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