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The Turner MVP Conversation


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Who from this list can be eliminated and why? Who's missing?

Let's narrow this conversation down.

Favre leads a crowded field for MVP

By Dennis Dillon - SportingNews Nov 29, 6:56 pm EST

The NFL season is about to head into its stretch run. After this weekend’s games, there will be only four weeks left in the regular season. Four more shopping days for players to make their cases for winning the most valuable player award.

At this point, the MVP race isn’t cut and dried. In fact, the field might be more crowded than you think. These are my 10 candidates, in order:

1. Brett Favre, QB, New York Jets. He hasn’t just re-energized the Jets; he has led a team that went 4-12 a year ago on a playoff hunt. New York (8-3) has won five games in a row, including back-to-back road wins over New England and Tennessee—and would maintain its lead in the AFC East with a victory at home over Denver. No team other than the Patriots has won the division since 2002, the last time the Jets won the division. Of all the personnel changes the Jets made this year, none has had a bigger impact than the acquisition of Favre. What he has done at age 39—complete 70.6 percent of his passes, throw for 2,461 yards and continue to deliver in the clutch—is remarkable.


2. Matt Cassel, QB, New England Patriots. Surprised? Join the rest of the NFL. When Tom Brady went down with a season-ending knee injury in the opening game, it appeared that the Patriots’ season went down with him. But Cassel has evolved from an obscure backup who hadn’t started a game since high school into the main reason why New England (7-4) still is a contender. Cassel has grown in many areas—leadership, decision-making, poise in pressure situations—and he passed for 815 yards, six touchdowns and only one interception in his last two games. The Steelers’ top-ranked defense will be in for a test when they face Cassel and the Patriots in Foxborough.

3. Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants. His late-season performance last year was no fluke. Manning got on a roll, led the Giants to the Super Bowl championship and hasn’t cooled off yet. The Giants (10-1) can move one step closer to clinching the NFC East by beating the Redskins. Much has been made of New York’s three-headed running attack of Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw, plus its suffocating defense led by Justin Tuck—and rightfully so. But Manning has emerged as the leader of the Giants and has been most responsible for preventing them from suffering the customary Super Bowl hangover. He has completed 62 percent of his passes and has thrown for 18 touchdowns, with just seven interceptions.

4. Kurt Warner, QB, Arizona Cardinals. Like Favre, Warner is proving graybeard quarterbacks can still be great. He has resurrected his career and guided the Cardinals (7-5) into position for their first division title since 1975 (when they called St. Louis home). He has a 68.4 completion rate and has passed for 3,741 yards and 24 TDs.

5. Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints. No quarterback has had a more prodigious arm than Brees, whose 67.5 percent completion ratio, 22 touchdowns and assault on Dan Marino’s single-season passing yards record have been impressive. Brees would rank higher in the MVP standings if the Saints (6-5) weren’t bringing up the rear in the tough NFC South. If they have any hope of earning a playoff spot, they must start by beating Tampa Bay on the road.

6. Clinton Portis, RB, Washington Redskins. The league’s leading rusher (1,206 yards), Portis has demonstrated his value to the Redskins (7-4) in multiple ways. He has picked up blitzes, thrown downfield blocks and played through injury. If Portis could spark Washington to a victory over the Giants, he would move up in the MVP race.

7. Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee Titans. There usually isn’t any room in an MVP discussion for a defensive tackle, but Haynesworth is a special player who makes everyone around him better. The Titans (11-1) wouldn’t have won their first nine games and compiled the best record in the league without a premium defense led by Haynesworth. His 8.5 sacks and 18 quarterback knockdowns are outlandish numbers for a tackle.

8. James Harrison, OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the linchpins in a Steelers defense that is No. 1 against the run, against the pass and overall, Harrison has 12 sacks. If Pittsburgh (8-3) can take out New England’s high-octane offense, Harrison’s MVP stock will rise.

9. Michael Turner, RB, Atlanta Falcons. We all wondered what he could do once he stepped out of LaDainian Tomlinson’s shadow. Well, he has shown us: 1,088 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. You think he’ll be stoked to have a big game when the Falcons (7-5) play in San Diego?

10. Ray Lewis, MLB, Baltimore Ravens. Sure, he is older and has slowed down a bit. But if you think he isn’t still playing at a high level for the Ravens (7-4)—and the Bengals better not make that mistake—you’re wrong. Few inside linebackers have been more productive than Lewis (77 tackles, 1 sack, 8 pass defenses, 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble).

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That's great guys. keep that stimulating conversation going. We can really have a great thread with comments like that.

Personally, I think its safe to eliminate Cassell, Breese and Warner.

Cassel slipped up this week, and I don't think he's what makes that team run. Breese has a ton of yards, but a ton of INT's too... and hasn't led his team to enough wins. Warner benefits from playing a weak division, and isn't that good to begin with.

I think the rest of them should be in the conversation... probably with Haynesworth leading.

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Brett Favre comes up big and is probablly one of the most intresting players to watch, however he has the tendency to choke to teams that are really under his level. Such as Denver, Oakland, and San Diego. These are all teams they should have beat but didn't. There only other loss comes from the Patriots but they are not as bad as the other three teams, however they still are better then them too.

I can't really see Matt Cassel winning MVP because he is in my opinion very overrated and has everything around him. An excellent receving core, a genius coaching staff, and a solid offensive line. His situation is literally a quarterbacks dream and he is not taking advantage of it because he does not have the ability to do so.

Kurt Warner has two specatcular recievers and excellent statistics. But he fails to win the big games that could put them in SB contention. If anything they are in a terrible division and they are just the best of the worst teams. The only "big game" they have one all season is the dallas game. Whenever Warner faces a top defense they always lose except for the dallas. All but one of their losses(Jets) come from solid defenses.(Car, Phi, NYG, Was)

Drew Brees has the same problem as Kurt Warner. Surronded by alot, but cant get the job done on the big games. They had a blew huge game Monday night against the vikings and are 1-3 in there division. Brees tends to also get alot of inteceptions.

Clinton Portis has done amazing this season. He has led the Skins alot, but has not done good enough to be crowned with the MVP title. Also he is no longer the leading rusher, that title belongs to Adrian Peterson.

Haynesworth,Harrison, and Lewis are all doing excellent. A Defensive player no matter how good he is though will most of the time never win MVP. Because it doesnt matter how good you are on defense because its the offense that put the points on the board, there by making the offensive players more valuable then the defense. This is proven by Super Bowl 40 when the crazy Bears defense couldnt hold up because of their terrible offense. Defesnive players should never get MVP.

Lastly Micahel Turner. He deserves alot of credit. He used to be a backup and now he is a top-3 rusher in the NFL. He takes the relieves rookie Ryan from all the workload and helps him out alot. But sadly he has not played consistenly enough to become MVP.

My pick is Eli Manning. This stud has played more consistent then anyone. He has emerged as the leader of his team and they are still as hot as they were since last year. This guy has only screwed up basically twice. The first game of the saeason even they won he was 0-1 and the monday night game he was 1-3. He's a really good player and proved many critics wrong. He defines what an MVP is because he strives for the win every game. That too me is what an MVP truly is....

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anyone still calling Brees name for MVP is nuts. He has been horrible on the road (7 tds 10 ints) and very bad against decent defenses.

Right now I would say (in order):

Eli Manning

Brett Favre

Clinton Portis

Michael Turner

Kurt Warner

I agree w the poster saying MVP just isnt a defensive players award.

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