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Fulmer interested in Clemson?


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KNOXVILLE — It didn't take long for Phillip Fulmer to address questions about his future after Tennessee's 28-10 win against Kentucky on Saturday.

The UT coach was asked if he would be interested in the Clemson head coach position, and Fulmer did not rule it out.

"If the right place that has the same kind of passion that the Tennessee people have, and I felt like I could have the same kind of passion there that I've had here, then that's something I would look at," Fulmer said.

He was then asked if he has had any contact with Clemson.

"I'm not really at liberty to talk about any of that, nor do I choose to at this particular point," Fulmer said.


I did google it some to find out if there was any other reports and I didnt find any saying that Clemson was interested just that Fulmer had told people close to him that he does in fact want the job but just because he didnt say no doesnt mean anything really and personally i think Dabo is going to get the job

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