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This game tells us something.

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It also shows that we should stop putting ourselfs in a position where the refs have a say on the outcome.. not that it mattered today, but still.

The refs will allways play a role in the out come of the game. It just seems we are on the losing end of the call quite a bit.

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Ryan Laying the Wood... I hope it shows up in video on the web!!@

Man that was just PRICELESS, I was in tears.

Clearly Ryan has been hanging out with Dahl and Clabo ,

and is getting a bit of a Nasty Streak.

If the League fines Ryan for the hit on the Ref I will die laughing.

I bet the O Line pays it for him too :lol:

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I agree. This is really starting to look like a playoff calibur team. When you combine how thay overcame their mistakes today, how they responded last week in the fourth quarter, as well as how much they've improved over the course of the year (using the Carolina game as the barometer), you really see the signs of a top-level team starting to show. These are things that weak teams and pretenders just don't do. These guys are answering the bell. It feels like '91 did with the Braves. You just knew back then that everything was changing right before your eyes.

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Last season we saw the Cowboys make mistake after mistake against a Buffalo Bills team playing perfect in a Nationally televised game. Except for the final few minutes when the Cowboys overcame their bad play and still won the game. It was noted as the difference in a good team and a bad team.

We're a good team :)

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