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I don't complain about officiating that much other than watching Abraham get held on 9 downs out of 10 but this game has to be the worst officiated game I've seen in my forty years of watching Falcons football. Good thing we did win, I would have been beside myself if those ridiculous bogus calls on the so called goal line stand by SD and the two fumbles that weren't had cost us this game.

It's good that our team can overcome that type of imcompetence by an officiating crew though.

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Man that was the worst game I have ever seen by that crew. There were 3 different situation where they completely missed the game being play

Turner had the ball across the line - no reply inside 2 mins

Finn did not have that ball with 2 steps - 1 step and the ball was out

Turner was on his freaking back before the ball even thought of coming out

What game did they watch or what restaurant were they supporting. Sux all around but we did arrive with this game, the defense came through, the offense did what they had to get the last 1st down. Good game but we have to start doing something in the red zone and in the 3rd qtr before we even start to think about playoffs or any run if we make it

Carolina should have lost today, it sux they didn't but take down TB next week.

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