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And to add more insult, remember the "non-catch" by Roddy last week as he took 2 steps on the way to going out of bounds and the ground knocked the ball out of his hands? Ya, Roddy held that one a heck of a lot longer than Finn did this one, yet Finn's is called a catch and fumble :rolleyes: Flipping ridiculous the inconsistency.

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Normally I realize the zebras get a few and miss a few, but I have a real problem with the zebras in this game. I am glad we won, but the zebras really called a very strange game IMO <_<

Like you I rarely criticize the officials because I do still believe that for the most part they do a good job. However I have to say this officiating crew was just awful. The faux fumble called on Finneran was worse than the Philly call IMO because in this case the officials had a chance to actually review the play where in Philly it had to be called at real game speed with no replays.

Also I can give them a little bit of a pass on the Turner fumble but it honestly looked like Turner may have tossed the ball himself or someone knocked it out of his hands.

Overall terrible officiating though.

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