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Official Falcons-Chargers In-Game Thread


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Yeah, Sharpe said that the difference between Burner and LT is that LT is a franchise back. So IMO he saying that Turner isnt. Did i take that the wrong way?

I can only belive that he must think you have to do it more that one year before you can be called a franchise back. No one year wonders.That is the reason people still will not call Ryan a franchise QB yet make them do it agine next year but me I think we have a Franchise QB and Back.

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i guess he said that because turner doesnt catch many passes. IMO a back doesnt have to catch passes to be a franchise back. either way im happy with the burner.

EDIT: LMAO and faulk said if you add up all of LT's all purpose yds he has the same as turner. sapp then says turner has more TDs, then faulk said well look at the attempts.

if faulk wants to talk about TOTAL yds then you add the catches to the carries and turner STILL has more TDs. sorry faulk, you fail.

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