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Official Falcons-Chargers In-Game Thread


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This maybe a little off topic.. But can Georgia Tech please go to the Peach Bowl?? Can someone make a phone call? If they dont get the Chick Fil A bowl something is rigged.

It will always been known as the Peach Bowl. :D

I would love to see Abe get a few sacks today against McNiel he is overrated.

McNeill is NOT overrated. How you can spew such a statement is beyond me. How many rookies go their whole rookie year without giving up a sack or getting a holding penalty?

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Doesn't look like the Saints are going to pull it out... They just gave up a big play and they haven't looked very impressive all day.

The Falcons haven't had things handed to them this whole year. I'm sure Smitty and others are looking at the game today as a must win in order to stay in the playoff hunt. They'll be ready to go.

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