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Line has risen 1.5 points in 12 hours--favoring SD


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I figured so much, sure we all get those "feelings" , I was just razzing you and was trying to put it out there that its isn't all just throwing darts, and "feeling" a certain type of game. NFL is a tough one for sure.


Worse bet to ever make. Makes watching the game miserable!!! Who wants to cheeer for a defense-fest??!!!

The only time i bet under/over are in teasers(which are also sucker bets)..or if I see something that sticks out and I do today ..

New Orleans /Tampa UNDER -44 ;)

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i think baseball is the easiest to bet in my opinion

I never got into baseball and and a casual fan at best, I am not up to date on the players nor the teams. I would be throwing 100's into a fire if i tried baseball.

ANYWAYS GO FALCONS, happy betting y'all and let the line go wherever it goes, I want a Straight W!!!!

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thats not true at all..most major big bettors..50 k or more bet when they have the line they like..

that could be anywhere from weds- to sunday ...

What kind of betting system do you use?

Do you bet a flat amount on each game or is weighted according to how much you like the game?

What is the max ammount of money you'll lay on an NFL game?

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