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!Attention Falcons Fans!


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Good for Tech man. I have said about 10 times today I wish I put money on this game. Their coach is one of those who can out coach the other team. Seriously, I can't imagine more than a small handful of Tech players who would start on GA. Plus, Richt picked those players, the Tech coach (I want to say Johnson. Not a huge college guy, but I got respect for the Tech coach) didn't pick most of these guys. And GA has had a tendency to drop any game that has been a challenge. They have made bad teams look pretty good.

But congrats to Tech. I think you guys are gonna be great. Your coach did wonders with Navy (could, again, be totally wrong, I just know it's one of those military schools) with subpar talent, and now that he has opportunity, I think Tech and Georgia are going to be a seriously interesting matchup for years to come. Especially if Richt keeps that DC.

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