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Falcon News Sunday may not be available via AJC


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JMike, keep the news coming Sunday please.

the ajc website is going crazy since 6pm , even the Falcon pages keep getting all jumbled up, in IE and in Firefox.

I think the connections this evening have just about overloaded and shut the ajc website down.

Can you publish mega links to your Sunday Falcon pregame and ingame blog? Thanks!

the ajc website seems to be crashing, jmike, you may be our only web link Sunday

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I'll be on ESPN tomorrow, until I finish studying for some sweet ol LSATs. But if AJC messes up, I'd like some links from this site, even though I'm likely stuck only to my phone till half time.

spork, I will be DVR'ing the game but I know on Sunday many displaced Falcon Fans rely on weblinks, just trying to give jmike, out in Cali, a headsup.

btw, what are you doing on ESPN?

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