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Rookie Revival


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yup, i dont like flacco much though...i feel like he's the anti-ryan

and i didnt know no one respected farve...including glanville

it shows glanville is an idiot like we didnt already know? who talks down to there players like that even rookies? especially brett favre who didnt gain his talent in greenbay he had it all along.

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Favre was a party freak when he was here. He couldn't handle Buckhead comin out of Kiln, MS. Bart almost lost it in Buckhead too. Glanville probably did the right thing. He already had a Pro Bowl QB that was hot.

Trading Favre at the time was not nearly as bad as drafting Tony Bust Campbell.

I am pulling for Flacco. For many reasons. One is we will lose Favre, McNabb, Warner, Brady and Manning soon. I am a fan of the NFL. I don't want the same thing to happen to the NFL that happened to the NBA when Bird, Magic and Jordan left.

Secondly, Flacco and Dorsey were who I wanted TD to draft. So it would be cool if they both turn out nice.

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:lol: i do too. i always hope for the guy to do bad. not so much because i dont want him to be a successful qb, because i do want him to be good, i just dont want him mentioned in the same breath as ryan. :D

he has been good though....just not as good as ryan.

exactly my thoughts man, Flacco is in the league just to steal Ryan's thunder

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