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The Official Fire Tommy Tuberville Thread


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It's not just about losing to the #1 team. It's about the last few years. Tuberville is a SORRY recruiter. Saban comes in and in 2 years has more blue chip committments then Tuberville has in his entire time at Auburn. He can get defensive players but it doesn't matter who good your defense is if you don't have offense to go with it. He made a major mistake hiring Tony Franklin. Our OL has been absolutely horrible for years. Yes we have had a few good players like Marcus McNeill, Ben Grubbs and Kendall Simmons come through here but as far as having a solid OL that hasn't happened. With the running backs we have we should be able to run against anybody but that's impossible with our OL play. Our QB play has also been horrible since Jason Campbell left and it doesn't look as if it's getting better anytime soon. We seriously need a great recruit and someone with an offensive mind. Another thing is that alot of Tuberville's coachs have been with him his whole time at AU and they just aren't that good coaches. Huge Nall has been the OL coach forever and our OL has been horrible. I hate to see what our offense rankings are for all the years Tuberville has been here.

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