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Greetings from toronto!


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Hey guys. long time falcons fan and afmb visitor for a while... just never a big poster. but with this huge game sunday, thought i should start becoming a regular. :P

anyways, has anyone else noticed on the nfl section of espn.com it has 'drew brees and matt ryan meeting with playoff position at stake'?

do they not even look at the schedule before they make new articles?


anyways, was wondering if i was the only one that caught that.


go falcons!

ps: not from vegas anymore, maybe i should change the username. any way to do that w/o making a new profile?


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Haha, nah, i made my account about a year ago when i was living in vegas. lived there 13 years, but moved to toronto 6months ago. funny moving to canada has made me closer to living in an nfl city (the bills if buffalo's economy forces them out)

vegas is always my home though, and the falcons are always my team. i'm going out on a limb and predicting finneran gets a TD in tomorrow's game. if i'm right, i'm bumping this and getting immediate message board status.


you heard it here first. :D

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