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Did Frito-Lay discontinue the Doritos Firey Habenero chips?


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Haven't seen them pulled up here...they're still on the shelves at the grocery and convenient stores, and the local Subway still has them in the smaller bags. Maybe they're just shifting the markets around on where these chips will be offered. A lot of companies do that based on sales. If a product sells better somewhere else, but not as well near you, they might produce less for your area and increase the product elsewhere. That's one thing I noticed about moving here...down in the middle GA area, I couldn't find PIBB anywhere hardly...I moved up here, and I can find 12 packs of it everywhere. I went to Coca Cola's website and sure enough, this is one of the areas that they're offering it in its full package. In mid GA I could only find it at certain restaurants, and occassionaly at a theater. Here...everywhere. Go figure. :huh:

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