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The Obama change sure looks like

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I love how you lump McCain in there when it's common knowledge they hate each other - and in case you didn't know Congress is virtually the same, Obama is doomed

McCain and Bush hate each other? :lol:

I guess it's an expression of hate when before the primaries started, McCain bloated about how he and Bush agree on most issues on TV.

Congress will now have a compatible president.

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How is it described as bad economic times under Bush when we 've had 5 years out of 8 with record low unemployment, the Dow at 14k and the stock market in general doing well, record # of new business's, expanding middle class and upper class, the poor affording big screeen TV's, cars and a plethara of Govt. goodies, the world economies thriving, record real estate and home ownership #'s, all following a recesson, 9/11 and 2 wars? I guess its just too cool to Bash the Bush years, and why would people actually think otherwise? Bush's polls are down, thanks to a wonderful left media, although Bush has not made all the right calls, ie. Spending and immigration. Yep, its just the thing to do, Europe supposedly hates Bush,as Europe turns Right, the lefties hate Bush, and many conservatives are upset at Bush. So, the sheep continue to not actually look at the over all state of his admin. but he's freed 25+ million people as well. Oh well. I'm sure other presidents have done the same??????? ;)

Little Bo Peep called..she said get your ### home.

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None of the Bush years were record lows. In fact, Clinton years had the lowest unemployement rates in the last 40 years.


SHHHH. The truth will fuse Snakes Synapses.Record low unemployment under Bush. :lol: Even with all the military jobs it aint true.

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Mojo, the last 12 months or so have not been good, and I said 5 out of 8 years under Bush were good economic times in the face of many challenges. We had growth, we had extremely low unemploment #'s and our markets, housing and stocks were doing very well. Our economy is a roller coaster and the Presidents job is to instill confidence and leadership. Bush's lowering tax's spurred business development and our markets made grand strides. Again, Bush spent way too much money and our govt. grew out of control. The sub prime mortgage mess was instigated by a few members of congress, Barney Franks being 1 and officials in the banking industry. It was no universal conspiracy and those responsible have YET to be accounted for, and Barney Franks is in charge. Oh boy.

You said Bush had record years for employment. You failed.I do believe the Repubs voted in favor of the bailouts, too. Spin all that.

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You mean given the illusion that it did well simply because some overnight dotcom businesses sprung up and then quickly collapsed causing the recession of 2000? No thanks, I'd rather have an economy with some staying power but that wasn't going to happen under McCain or Obama, too bad most of America didn't grasp that...

Figures that the only sensible and intelligent comment in this thread gets no reply.

We can argue back and forth who should get credit for what, whether the Republicans or Democrats know what they are doing,

But Clinton should get no credit for having arguably the single greatest economic invention in the history of mankind boom during his term: THE INTERNET.

I wish Obama all the best, but his administration will actually have to do something to achieve the results Clinton so luckily inherited.

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