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As i been reading post about the falcons playoff chance, most folks on here sound like they would rather go for the wildcard rather then the nfc crowd like thats our only chance. in case you have forgot we are olny one game back. come on lets not play for a wildcard lets win thruout and more then likely we will be the winners of the nfc south. so lets go falcons ;)^_^

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Hey, I'd like to see us win our division too, but I think we'll have to go through Tampa to do it (IMO).

A little help from some other teams would be nice, though. I just don't know if we have the experience to

take the division this year. But I think a Wild Card spot is DEFINITELYy attainable. We just have to go out there

and continue to play solid, mistake-free football, and I think we'll go a lot further than most so-called "experts"

think we will.

The thing that worries me the most, is the fact that we can't seem to consistently put enough pressure on the QB.

I mean, if we let Phillip Rivers (and other veteran QBs like him, in these next 5 games), stand back there in the pocket

and have 5 or 6 seconds to throw the ball...they're going to pick us apart.

But hey, this is why we play the games! Nobody knows for sure how this season will turn out...but for me

it's already a huge success!


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Right now I am personally thinking BYE in the first round of the playoffs. I will lower my hopes if we start to stumble. But I agree 100% with OP, at this point we should be aiming to take the division. TB and CAR play each other. We have a game against TB. Carolina has a tough sched and hasn't looked good lately. Our destiny is in our hands and if we continue to play well and run the football #2 seed in the NFC is a viable goal. Yesterday everyone said that AZ had #2 locked up. Not anymore.

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if we beat TB and NO in their house which is a tall order, we will have a great shot at the division title. it all starts with SD. a win keeps us in contension for division title. a loss puts us fighting for wild card. the division rival games are must wins. i think the panthers schedule knocks them out of division title hopes if not out of the playoff picture altogether. the saints who i think are the most dangerous team in our division, could leapfrog the panthers. if they beat us they will leapfrog us as well.

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