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Scouting Report on the Falcons...

Theyhateme : )

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i thought LT has like 700+ yards total


6-7. The NFL ranking of the Falcons (25.1) and Chargers (24.9) in points per game

1,099. Yards from scrimmage this season for LaDainian Tomlinson.

1,099. Yards from scrimmage this season for Michael Turner.

10. New starters on the Falcons since their final game of 2007.

5-0. Falcons' record this season in games wherein Turner had 50 yards or more rushing by halftime.

That reads as if he has 1099 right??? :o

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That's rushing yards. His total yards include receptions. (yards from scrimmage)

Michael has only 11 of those yards in receiving - the rest rushing - LT has 330 give or take a yard in receiving.

So the way that the article is written, they probably want the SD readers to think that LT has 1099 in rushing just like Turner...LOL!!! :D:D

Ok...I fell for it...a lil.... B)

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