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OT/OG/C-Junius Coston- Released


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He has got to be better than Quinn.

"I'll be surprised if he's not on a roster," McCarthy said. "Body type. Length. Athletic ability. Knee bend. He's got all the attributes."

Coston is in his fourth season out of North Carolina A&T. He was with the Green Bay Packers and was released with an injury settlement after going on injured reserve with a Minor knee injury before the start of the season.

At the time they said two week injury

Coston (6-3, 313) played in 13 games last season with seven starts- No Sacks

He was a fifth-round draft pick in 2005 and can play all five line positions.


"Coston was very powerful at RG, and the running yards gained over his position bear me out. Additionally, I saw many plays where Coston not only took out his primary guy on the right side but shed him and scrambled clear across the field to make an additional block for the runner 5 or more yards downfield on the left side after doing his business on the right succesfully.

He WAS a very good athlete."

One Week at the Raiders who sign 6'4 CB

"There really was no need for coston. We have Marten, McQuistan, Chris Morris and Carlisle. How many Right guards does a team need?"

Coston worst play ever, Warren Sapp knocked him on his butt!

Quinn Continues just to go in and Miss Block after Block, its Embarrassing!

Last week on the Goaline-Whiiifff! (Atleast the Four one i got on tape)

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I like Wilkerson- combo G/Big C,

I only have a Problem with Quinn, he is very bad IMO!

Its like he suffers from Brain Freezes, or Something!

Quinn has all the tools don't get me wrong, He just Flat out Misses the Defenders unlike anyone I ever Seen.

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