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The defense deserves some attention.


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They are giving up 20.5 a game which is 9th best in the NFL and 5th best in the NFC.

We also play defense an average of 28:50 minutes a game which is 11th best in the NFL and 6th best in the NFC.

One glaring negative stat though is that we have given up 635 total penalty yards which is 30th in the NFL and 14th in the NFC. If we had that under control we might could be a top five defense in the league. That averages out to be over 57 yards a game that we just give the offense. Also just in case you are curious that's on 80 penalties which averages out to be just over 7 defensive penalties a game at an average of 7.94 a whistle blow.

This defense is a rally to the ball kind of a group that seems to play well from sideline to sideline. All season long when teams have tried to run outside on us we have been able to chase them down with our team speed.

We bend but we do not break. To justify that statement I can tell you that we give up an average of 351.6 yards a game which is 24th in the NFL (see the difference in yards allowed compared to points allowed?) and 13th in the NFC.

On 3rd down conversion which everyone knows is what gets the D off of the field we give up a 40% conversion rate which is 17th in the NFL and 10th in the NFC.

We give up 230 yards a game through the air which is 23rd in the NFL and 12th in the NFC. On an interesting note the Chargers are the worst in the NFL in this regard and they give up over 265 yards a game.

We give up 120 yards a game on the ground which is 21st in the NFL and 12th in the NFC so teams attack us pretty balanced which is actually a good thing if you ask me. It means that we don't have anything on tape that coaches feel they can exploit week after week.

The Chargers give up 104 yards a game and basically 23 points a game just in case you were interested. So I will be interested to see if the coaches have us passing more or keep it fairly balanced. If it were up to me I would keep it fairly balanced but we will see.

Ok now to the sacks which is the sexy defensive stat for everyone. We rank 19th in the NFL with 21 sacks which puts us at 11th in the NFC (Thanks ABE!).

Just thought I would take some time out to hopefully help us get to know our defense a bit better and maybe figure out what makes them good as a team and what we need to improve on as a team. Sorry if there is anything repetitive, boring or otherwise stupid or perhaps even overall stupid in this post.

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