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I'm so proud of our O-Line


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The O-line has been pretty impressive this year considering the guys that we have. Dahl ???? Clabo???? The group as a whole has really looked good and that's even with Baker being out. I remember the days of Gibss zone blocking scheme, it was cool to rack up yards, but what I hated about the scheme is that they couldn't get a yard on 4 and 1 to save their lives.

This O-line has a we're going to bust you in the mouth attitude, which is some real old school football. Teams now know that they better bring their big boy pads or it's going to be a long painful day. How many times have we scored or gotten what we needed on 4th and 1. Seriously, before this year I would hope we got the extra yd or have an average running game. This year, I know with confidence that the O-line will get it done.

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