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Just joined and am super excited

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Hey guyzz just another die hard falcon here. I registered a long time ago with the name VickSlick but you all know i had to make a new one. I am a die hard falcon fan since 2003 and follow them very closely.... i have been on the boards watching for quite a while. I am very excited for the future for the falcons. (note: can anyone tell me how to put pictures and such on my signs thanks in advance : )).

Thanks and hope to enjoy my stay here.

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Welcome aboard Falcon Faithful... If you want to put a pic up so it shows below your name every time you post just follow these steps...

1. Look up at the top of your screen right below the Verizon Wireless Promo and you should see your log in name. Click it...

2. Once you do it'll take you to your page and at the bottom of the page you should see a link that says, "Edit My Signature", in red letters. Click it!

3. Finally, at this page you should notice a list of links of the left of the page and one says "Edit Avatar Settings", once again, Click it....

4. From there you should be able to add a picture...


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