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How is San Diego HUGE favorites on ESPN?

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okay every tuesday i like to go on espn and they base who they think is favorites and underdogs. lasta week against carolina the panthers were favorite with 54%

this week the chargers are favorites by 69 %


Cool. Like it's hard!!! Espn have their favorites which include: Giants, Cowboys, Colts, Patriots and Chargers. They will always be stuck on these guys jocks.

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SD being favored is not much of a surprise if you look at it from an unbiased perspective. SD is a talented team but having a tough year. This sure as **** won't be another Oakland type opponent. The oddsmakers know Atl has just come off an emotional, big home win over a division rival. A bit of a letdown for a westcoast road game the following week is to be expected. Championship teams learn to overcome this hurdle. We'll see if the Falcons are up to it. I hope so but I'm not overly confident we're to that level yet. But I'm still pulling for them.

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