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Tippy Toes' Stats


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These are the current stats of the three RBs that have over 1000 yrds so far.


1 C. Portis RB, WAS 244 1206 4.9 109.6 31 7 1 1

2 A. Peterson RB, MIN 242 1180 4.9 107.3 54 8 4 3

3 M. Turner RB, ATL 251 1088 4.3 98.9 66 13 1 0

Looking good huh? Well here is more. This is the part I love.

Player Broken tackles Yards after contact Pct. of yards

Michael Turner 27 563 (of 971) 58

Adrian Peterson 23 540 (of 1,100) 49

Clinton Portis 15 489 (of 1,063) 46


Guys, do you see what we have here? I don't know how anyone can bag on this guy. We have one of the youngest teams, a no name offensive line, and a rookie QB (who is a super stud). Teams know we are going to run the ball 30 times a game and so put 8 in the box against us more than any other team. It has been a decade since we have had a short yardage back that could could brake it for some long yrds. Again, look at the stats. Yards do not mean much unless you can cross line for the TD. AP and Portis are awsome but I would much rather have the third in line if he is going to get me more points. For example, why do we here so much about Jacobs? He's good but he is seventh in yards but he is money on the goal line. A better example, would we even here anything about LenDale White? No, why? Cause Chris Johnson, but we do here of him cause of 11 TDs. Now our guy is not only one of the leaders in rushing yards but he leads the league in rushing TDs. In additoin, having the piece of mind that my guy can get that one yard or drag a guy 100 yards is an awsome feelling for a Falcon fan. He brakes more tackles and gains more yards after the hit than any other player in the league. When teams start respecting our passing game watch out, we will have one of the best offenses in the league. Thanks TD for bring him in.

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