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Nickname for Sam Baker!


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Dude, lighten up, will ya?! Dayum! :lol:

I will but it gets old hearing people on these threads trashing the Falcons players all the time. I love coming on here but sometimes you read some of this crap and ya just get tired of it. Sam will be back and with any luck, have a great and long career here. Back on the topic, I like T-Rex because it shows that he's beating all odds by playing the way he has played when healthy.

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The Sam Baker hate is all in good fun. Unless it's Jedi. We all love Sideline Sam Baker.

It's not even Baker hate. I love the guy. We just need to get him healthy before Weiner's leg falls off completely.

It's just funny to try and nickname somene that has 4 pro games under his belt out of 11.

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