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Unfortunately, I cant watch on sunday...

Hammer Falcon 50

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There's always Tivo :lol:

Besides, maybe the power will go out and it will make for an interesting game... (if you like no power, and freezing cold weather)

One of my wife's employees went to the "power-outage" game in Buffalo this season. He said it was pretty interesting... the refs had to keep time on stop-watches. There were lots of delay-of-game penalties.

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well said....my friend is a 9ers fan and his wife got him great seats for thier anniv. I think he said we are at the 40yd line row 10 or 11.....but its gonna be cold man!!

Tell your friend you think it is more appropriate that his wife goes since it was an anniversary present and then you can stay home and watch the Falcons. :D

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