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It's sickening to me that Ryan has only won it one week. Felix Jones won 3, and the Broncos fans must be unemployed and just sit and vote all day.

I voted untill my lunch was over, it never stopped me.

LMAO Denver is Full of Stoners who sit in front of their laptop at the local Starbucks so of course Eddie Royal gonna win every week lol. Plus Id Rather have Ryan When Rookie of the Year compared to a bunch of Rookie of the week

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OK, I can't believe that Flacco with completing only 46% of his passes and around 185 yards passing is even considered for rookie of the week. Just b/c he got 2 TDS. 1 of them was a long pass b/c the Clayton ran for a ton of yards.

And McFadden... I think they wanted to put him on there just b/c he was supposed to be this big rookie! 10 Rushes 38 yards and you put him on the list for rookie of the week. This is a joke!

It is clearly between Forte and Douglas. Matt Ryan did much better than McFadden and Flacco. The only difference is that Ryan didn't throw a TD.. He let Turner get 4!

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