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KEYS to the game this weekend...


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When the Chargers have the ball:

1. We must contain their run game with LT and Sproles.

2. Generate pressure on Rivers and hit him early and often. Force turnovers!!!!!!!!

3. Spy on Gates with BOLEY! if we have Brooking on him it will be a long night.(i know one player doesnt beat ya but he scares me a lil)

4 Kick coverage and punt coverage will be KEY in this game. Sproles is great at it.

5. Be physical with Jackson and Chambers thats a good WR core. I think that is one edge they have this week against our smaller CBS.

When the Falcons have the ball:

1. Get the run game going. Control the clock. Be consistent.

2. Get Ryan comfortable against the 3-4 and expose their weak secondary.

3. Locate Jammal Williams and beat him up all game!!!

4. Be physical and block Jammer and Cromartie when Turner/Norwood hits the edge.

5. Win the game and win the field position battle.

I think we will come home with a hard tough fought football game. We know as fans how important this game is for our chances to make the playoffs. Like i said in previous posts(IMO) we will need to win at least 3 of our next 5 games to get in and beat the Bucs and Saints is CRITICAL. I know the Panthers are 8-3 but they really do have a brutal schedule. But we win against the Chargers and take one step closer:)



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Make Rivers throw the ball early. He will make bad throws.

Vincent Jackson really scares me in this one. The guy is fast as blazes and can jump out of the stadium.

The D will blitz a lot. Draw plays and screens will keep them honest. If we can keep that potent Charger O on the sidelines, sustaining long drives, we stand a really good chance to win.

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