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Emmitt's weekly prognostimaction against charger


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7-4 on the season. Better than I though, but you can't look a gift horse in the mouse.

Since this going to be a short week because of Holiday, I going to skimp out on my normal prognosis and post the transgression of a radio interview I did with Brent Musburger on ESPN radio for the upcoming charger game.


Brent Musburger: Tell me Emmitt, First off, what do you think about the surprising rise of this young Falcons team?

Emmitt: Well Bret, I see it two way. so to speak. You can't disconnect what bringing in a future star to the game like Matt Ryan. This kid gots all the tool. The poise, pocket presents, intellegencts. He bring all that to the game. He also more accurate than most QBs coming into the league. Hey, I seen him spread the needle between multiple defenders on multiples than one occasions, so to speak. The other thing that I like is the comrodegy. These guys like a high school team. They in it together. I never seen that in the pro games before. But, you get the feel that they gin you wine like to play together.

Brent: Emmitt, Concerning this upcoming weeks game, How do you see the Falcons control LT?

Emmitt: First thing first, or vise versa, LT can get to your quarterback at wills. I would think they would give the left tackle some help. Taylor has been puttin the hurt on QBs for years. It hard for me to fat home that he still play. If he get pressure on Ryan it could be long day for the Falcon. When he on, it like a jolly rancher in a pool of marsupials. If you know what I mean.

Brent: Ahh, I was referring to Tomlinson....

Emmitt: They gots him too? I remember Mike when he was a young scrub trying to make it in the league. Who would have knowns he would one day become the head coach of the Pittsburg Steelers. I had no idea he had moved on to the chargers. I glad they got rid of Norv. To me his handy work was over valued in Dallas when I was there. When you have two of the premier athletes in football: Michael, Troy and myselves, we did really need much help. Michael changed to way the game was played.

Brent: How was that?

Emmitt: Before Mike came into the league, it was a penalty when a receiver pushed off a db to make a catch, but with Mike, he did it every play. They refs could not throw a flags on every play. Now a days you see the receivers push off all the time.

Brent: Speaking of receivers, What do you think of the Falcons' group of receivers?

Emmitt: I tell you what, to me, this is the best group of receivers in the game today. I don't have to say much about Roddy White as words, as they say, has spread. Over the last few game, he has been doubled for much of the game. The dude a play maker. He got size and speed. He also like his Gatorade. He drink 87 cups some game like it wasn't nothin. To me Jenkins, is the toughest of the receiver. He go over the middle with truth or consequences. Now they got this young kid, you know the former adult actor, Douglas. They call him HD. I think is stand for Heavy D..Di.... nevermind. This kid is a faster more explosive version of Wes Worker of the patriots. He a game buster that can take the 10 yard out to the house. This will be a tough matchup for the chargers talented db's. The Falcon receiver as slippery as mongoose in a cookie jar.

Brent: Emmitt, do you see any of yourself in Michael Turner?

Emmitt: A little bit. He's a shorter back like myselves who can hide behind the linemen waiting to pop out of the opening, so to speak. But, he more of a loads than I was. You better bring your hard hat to tackle this guy and if you don't get him earlys you going for a ride. He put the pop on you. I see the chargers try to put eight mens in the box. They want to make Ryan beat them. You can't stop Turner with your base defense. He run through them like a midget at a juggling convention.

Brent: How do see the charger offense matching up with the Falcon defense?

Emmitt: I see them trying to stop the run by stopping Brooks. He a small guy, but quick as jello on a hang glider. This guy been playing a long time. He from Warner Robbins Georgia if I not mistaken. They want to make the charger one dillusional. Try to make them pass it down the fields, so to speak.

Brent: But Emmitt, That seems a bit like playing with fire with the way Rivers has been playing this season.

Emmitt: It does, but that the way I see it. That what they do. They take away the run and force you to beat them with the past. I do want to send out my condolences to the Phillip Rivers' family. I thought River Pheonix was an up and coming actor. He will be missed here and in Pheonix. It a shame.

Brent: Truely. Tell me Emmitt, how do you think this philosophy is going to work on Sunday?

Emmitt: It is a missed bag. The charger will move the ball and score. They will get what I like to call 'it-dont-matter' yards. They will look good on the tats sheet, but it wills not change the outcome or the score, so to speak.

Brent: Alright Emmitt, Do you care to go out on a limb and tell who you feel will win this game?

Emmitt: Plain and simple Bert. I expects the Falcons to win 28-17. I expect Turner to get 103 yard on 21 carries with 2 tds, and 6 cup of Gatorade . Norwood will get 63 on 6 carries, with 20 yards on 3 receptions, 1 TD on kick off return, 4 cup of Gatorade. Roddy White 10 receptions for 142 yards, 2 tds, 27 cup of Gatorade. It going to be hot over there Bert. I see Ryan passing for 323 yard on 34/44 passing, 2 td 0 ints.

Brent: Emmitt, that's a pretty descriptive prognostication.

Emmitt: Bert, Oh, I am sorry, Bret, I see the out comes already. It a competitive game, but not really, so to speak and vise versa. The Falcon is too strong for the charger. Plain and pimple. In my heads, I seen this team go to the dog gone playoff whens no one else did. Sure you hear a lot of so called excerpts jumping on the brand wagon, but I saw it from the first day of training cramps. This team is one of the most physicality in the league. They as strong and hard as a squirrel in a corn dog factory. They gonna make some noise before it over.

Brent: There you have ladies and gentleman from one of the greatest players to ever play the game. We'll see you next week. This is Brent Musburger saying so long.

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