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okay fine . Star wars vs San diego and atlanta


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OKay there is alot of talk about star wars all of a sudden lol which is cool cause i love star wars. But since this is a football forum. Lets take this one step further......

STAR WARS you have good vs evil. good being usually repersented in Blue. And the Empire the dark side being repped with black and red..

So are we the Dark side for this game since our colors are red and S.D is Blue?

Let me take this one step further.. You have Tomlinson on the "blue" side. but you also have Turner on the "red" side...

And the star wars plot is basically good vs evil. Father vs son Student vs Teacher....

So assuming Tomlinson is repersented as good who would he be? Luke?

But lets say hes the Teacher being the vet and turnder waiting behind him..

He could be the Emperor and Turner being Darth vader and at the end learning for the teacher and then killing him....

(cue duel of the fates)

This sunday........

its not about football ..

its about good vs evil... right vs wrong

student vs teacher.....

who will win......


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