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Oh No Self Didn't Just Backstab Scofield.


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What just happened? :o

I was expecting Self to be a stand-up guy. I thought to extend the show, they would kill Self and have Scylla fall into the wrong hands, giving Scofield and company another run to get it back.

I can't stop laughing at all this backstabbing that's going on in this show. It's ridiculous. One makes a deal with another, and one side doesn't live up their end of the deal. That's the basis of the entire show.


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The show is getting predictable. When I saw the beginning of the season I knew shelf was going to back stabbed somebody in the show and when shelf killed that women I thought about timed he back stabbed someone.

He kills off the hottest woman to grace the show too. Very hot... especially with what she was wearing during the episode.

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