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Listen, here's the saddest thing about that 1-15 prediction....

It was written by the AJC sportswriter Orlando Ledbetter. He is a "stringer" writer for The Sporting News.

How a local guy could look at the train wreck that was this team last year (and still managed to win 4 games) and declare that this team would win 1 game....well, let's just say it.....He's a ******.

Remember that name.......Orlando Ledbetter....He sucks.

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How anyone thought a 4 win team that did nothing but stay the same or improve at every position could only win one game is beyond me.

Beyond me, too! I mean with all we put up with last year we won 4 freaking games. The least we could do with a new staff is win 5, right? :P

1 - 15 EXPERTS ........ "EAT DIRT!"




I feel like an idiot for predicting a 5 or 6 win season ;)

But the ones who said 1-15 were just bonkers.

same here! :lol:

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Well we did get lose of a lot of players that made large contributions to the team over the years. Dunn, Crumpler, Griffith, and of course the way overrated Dhall that everyone thought was one of the best corners in the league. And our O-line was poor last year (probably due to injuries and scheme). Also, a rookie head coach, QB (who had, what?, 19 INTs his senior year at BC), LT, and kind of a question mark at running back.

So I can see why a lot of people thought we would have a poor season.

I defintley wasn't expecting much. But was pleasantly surprised. I started to get excited during preseason and knew we would win more than the experts were predicting, but I would have never guessed 7-4, and in the playoff hunt! Not in a rebuilding year...no way! Now I KNOW we are going to be a force in this league for years to come. Wow Wow Wow Wow! We have all the pieces...an owner that sincerely wants to win....a GM that knows talent when he sees it....a head coach that knows how to assemble a staff and team and knows how to motivate his team....a QB that is a true natural at the position and is unbelievablly humble...a running back that is is powerful yet fast, two traits you usually don't see together....I am so excited!

Although there is downside to all this. Here I am typing on the message boards when I should be debugging some code. I am spending too much time reading all the Falcons articles, watching the videos of the great plays, voting for our players fantastic accomplishments. Is there a cure for MB addiction?


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