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Which NFC South Team do you hate the LEAST


Least hated team  

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  1. 1. Least Hated Team

    • Panthers
    • Buccs
    • Saints

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bucs are the only team in the south w/ a lombardi, they always play us tough, and they're also the only team in the south that we dont have the w-l record over. we're 44-34 against the saints and 17-10 against the panthers i think. i post on their boards all the time too, so that also fuels hatred.

saints are our biggest rivals, so they should be the most hated. i have a lot of family from NO too, so i love to rub falcon W's in their faces.

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I've said it before.

The rivalry with the Saints is intense and my favorite.

But it isn't built on hatred for the team.

All those years as cellar dwellers in the NFCW made it impossible for me to hate them.

They were the other members of the "Raped by Montana" Support Group.

As long as they lose to us, I wish them well.

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Can't pick one.

I truly hate the Saints and they are our Oldest rival.. So I guess I respect them the Most, but I still absolutley despise them

Panthers & Bucs are equally hated, but respected far less

what he said. i look at the saints game as a more friendly rivalry, even thought i can't really stand them either, especially recently. it's auburn vs uga wheras the bucs and panthers are like gt/fla vs uga.

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