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I heard on 680 that if we win the next game......


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NY fans won't tune in for a game that dosent mean anything. Atlanta on the other hand would pull a very good rating if they were playing for the division lead.

go look at the ratings for last years Giants/Pats game at the end of the season ..It did 13 million viewers in NY and the game meant nothing for either team..Pats were though going for a 16-0 record.. NY fans tune in for any game...I bet some of there Yankee regular season games do better then our Falcons games

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Yes, but the Giants could have the divison locked up by then. TV seems to be focused more on televising games that impact divisional race games.

Doesn't matter. No way in h*ll NBC ditches the 2 largest football markets off of their schedule for an NFC south matchup. It's all about the $$$$$$$$.

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