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Top needs after season

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People on this board have been saying our top needs are SS TE and LB

I agree with that exept for TE

To me the top needs are

1.Strong Safety

2 Weak Side Linebacker

3 Center

4 Defensive Tackle

5 Depth at OT

Now,the reason I don't think Te is a need is because Mike Murakley;s offence doesn't include much play of a TE, so Hartsock is fine.



Roddy White

Jonathen Babinauex

Michael Boley

Dominique Foxworth

Michael Jenkins

Grady Jackson(1 year deal)


Keith Brooking

Lawyer Milloy

Now the cuts does not mean they are bad they are both great players but are slowing down

SO for the draft for needs (just the needs)

1: William Moore SS/or Aaron Curry LB depends on who is available(I would like Curry)

2: Patrick Chung SS (depends on if we got Moore or Curry)

3: B.J. Raji or Terrance Cody

4 Xavier Fulton

5:Eric Wood

I did the draft only on needs and what round to pick

FA Signings:

Sean Jones SS

James Brown C

C.J Mosley DT

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