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Carolina may be on the verge of faltering...........again


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What a great win for the Falcons and our playoff asperations.I couldn't help but notice that Carolina apears to be at it again,and that bodes well for us.Every year the Panthers are picked to either go to the Superbowl or at least be a strong contender and they start off strong.Then every year they fall flat by season's end,and that's where they seem to be headed now.They're 8-3,but only by the skin of their teeth.They barely beat the Lions and Raiders,2 teams we clobbered and they should have as well.Then we beat them.While I of course hope they continue to play bad,I can't help but feel mabye a little sorry for their fans.At least with our Falcons they were either good or bad.They didn't get you all excited at the start of the season then dash your hopes at the end.The Panthers seem to do that almost every year.Of course I hope they keep it up.We'll be more than happy to take the division title if they don't want it!

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