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Wow.... when I bought tickets back in August to go to my one falcon game a year I had no idea it would be like this. I had so much fun and couldn't have asked for a better game to go to.

I really wanted to take a minute and send a special thanks to our "AFMB mom," Tandy and her family. They made my experience a million times better by inviting me and my wife (two strangers) down to the field by the tunnel and I was able to get Matt Ryans signature on my football. It was AMAZING!

Also, it was really cool to meet a few others from the board here (thebirdswillfly and MattRyanisGod). Just an awesome experience to put a face with a name.

So again.....Thank you so much Tandy and family!!!!

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Are you kidding me? It was a blast watching your face when you got Matt Ryan to sign your football, seriously. I really enjoyed meeting both of you. Thought we were busted for a second there with the ticket police in the hallway :lol:

It was awesome meeting both of you and I'm so glad you picked this game. It was one of the best I've ever been to. Anytime you come again - give me a call - I'm usually there and it's always fun to meet the faces behind the keyboards, so to speak!

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