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This is STILL an obvious problem.

So is our lack of pass rush in two minute drills and no huddles, or anytime Abe is on the sidelines. But enough of that for today. TODAY, THE VICTORY AND THE SPOILS!! TOMORROW, we work on pass rush, third quarter scoring, and holding onto the ball so the refs don't have a bad call opportunity!

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I think we are bad at adjusting at halftime. Our defense also seems to stay on the field longer in the third because we always kickoff to the other team after the half.

We are also a little too conservative if we have the lead which I think is a problem in the 3rd as well.

yea, carolina scored quick on their opening drive of the 3rd qtr, i was worried for a second!

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You are the most negative person on this board.

This coming from the guy that started the "Whah get rid of Vick thread... I can't stand dog killing..."

Your just upset because I'm right about this and you think I'm being negative about a win.

I'm very excited that we won, but I've been saying for weeks now that the 3rd qtr is our downfall, and it was proved again today.

We play to lax in the 3rd and all it did was get everyone nervous.

Why not play a game LIGHTS OUT for all 4 qtrs?

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