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How about the New York Jets!


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No offense to you Mama and I have no idea where you stand on the whole QB situation but I am just torn on the Jets this year. I like rooting for them for the fact they are always 2nd fiddle to the Giants and because they had Chad Pennington and I'm a huge Pennington fan. I feel like they did Pennington wrong for all the great things he did while he was there. Not only that but then to get Brett Favre (WHO I CAN'T STAND) to replace him was just UGH! to me. I am glad they beat the Titans to keep them from going undefeated because living in North Alabama there are alot of Titan fans around here and I get sick of listening to it but I don't wish anything good upon Favre.

I am happy to say I can still root for Pennington with the Dolphins because the Dolphins are my Mom's and were my grandma's team.

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Down with the Titans! If you watched the game today and heard a group of Jets fans yelling the chant at the end of the game that was my husband and his group!

I was rooting like crazy - we were watching the scores - I was laughing.

Congrats - good job Jets. Way to go - kick!

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