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Check out my first mock draft!


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We trade our 1st(20) to detroit for their 1st(25-from Dallas), 2nd(33), and 5th.

We then trade both 5th round picks for Sea 4th round pick


Sean Jones SS (CLE) Good tackler who has elite coverage abilities

Angelo Crowell OLB (BUF) Due to an injury this year, his asking price will be discounted

Vernon Carey OT (MIA) Very physical. Would instantly improve our O-line

C.J Mosley DT/UT (NYJ) Alot of people dont know about him, be he is extremely disruptive when on the field


Michael Boley

Mike Jenkins

Harvey Dahl

John Babs

Chauncey Davis


Keith Brooking

Lawyer Milloy

Simon Frasier


Quinn Ojinaka

David Irons

Kindal Moorehead

Justin Peele

Alex Stepanovich

Todd Weiner

Grady Jackson


1st: BJ Raji DT (BC) Can occupy multiple blocker while still being able to penetrate upfield

2nd:Herman Johnson OG (LSU) At 6-7 350, he is extremely physical and suprisingly agile

2nd:Travis Beckum TE/H-Back (WISC) Instant threat that will open up the entire field. Reminds me of K2 6-4 240 4.59

3rd:Jamon Merideth OT (S.CAR) A very physical Tackle in a physical conference

4th:Larry English: OLB/DE (NIU) Great initial burst of the snap from either position

4th:Jasper Brinkley MLB/DE (S.CAR) His injury dropped his stock, but he can ball. Good depth in the middle.

7th: Sammie Lee Hill DT (Stillman) He could be our Trey Lewis

QB: Ryan/Redman/Shockley

RB: Turner/Norwood/T.Brown

FB: O Mughelli/J. Snelling

WR:Roddy White/H.Douglas/L. Robinson

WR:Mike Jenkins/B. Finneran

TE: Travis Beckum/Ben Hartsock

LT: Sam Baker/J. Merideth/R.Foster


C: Todd McClure/B.Wilkerson

RG: Herman Johnson/H.Dahl/T.Clabo

RT: Vernon Carey/J.Merideth/Clabo

LE: ABE/L.English/K.Bierman

DT: BJ Raji/T.Lewis/Sammie Lee Hill

UT: J.Babs/C.J Mosley/JA98

RE: JA98/C.Davis/English

SLB: Michael Boley/ Stephen Nicholas

MLB: Curtis Lofton/Brinkley/T.Gilbert

WLB:Angelo Crowell/L Englsh/Coy Wire

SS: Sean Jones/Antoine harris

FS: Erick Coleman/Thomas Decould

LCB:D.Foxworth/Chevis Jackson/Grimes

RCB:C.Houston/Von Hutchinson/Grimes

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Crowell has had a few ijuries now and his latest was a Knee injury never a good sign.

I still don't think Raji is good value in the 1st even though he had a good game yesterday.

I am reluctant to spend a 2nd on a Guard when Dahl hasn't played bad this season.

Beckum can not block he is just a slow WR playing as a TE waste of a draft pick.

I am watching this game right now and the only LB I would keep is Lofton we really need 2 starting OLB's Boley has played very poorly this season and I am starting to lose my faith in him, I am thinking he just looked very good last year because he was the only average player on a team full of idiots with no coach's to guide them.

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Detroit would give up a 2nd and a 5th in a rebuilding year to move up only 5 spots in the first round? I don't think so.

Even with the extra picks you get I don't like the draft. Raji is not a good value in the first and I don't think we even need to draft a DT this year if we can sign two guys in FA like Mosley and Haye/Canty/Tank Johnson.

Herman Johnson wouldn't be a bad pick, but Dahl has played pretty well and I think our OL coach likes what we've got. If anything we need an upgrade at C and RT since Clabo would make a much better RG than he does an RT and is better than Dahl.

Travis Beckum is a terrible pick for our offense. He is a 100% receiving threat and he is too small to even attempt to block in the NFL.

We don't need to make an OL depth pick as early as the 3rd round - with this draft we can find an immediate contributor in that round, or at least someone who will have an immediate impact. Larry English is a lot like Kroy Biermann so I don't see the point in drafting him, and Brinkley is more of a 3-4 ILB or a 4-3 MLB, neither of which we use/need.

The only pick I like is Sammie Lee Hill, but that shouldn't be a surprise seeing as I drive his bandwagon.

As for your comment about CJ Mosley....I made a thread on him a bit ago fyi.

It's only your first mock so don't let my criticisms prevent you from making another in the future.

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Ron Brace had a better game then Raji did. Brace has a better first step and was in the back field nearly every play. he would be a great pick in the 5th round.

Brace is starting to get more attention. I haven't seen him play, but you bring up a good point. This kid should be on TD's radar.

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