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I feel like we are headed to a double digit victory. I had an eery feeling we were going to lose last week. But the same feeling this week is that we are going to win big! My best psychic abilities say we are looking at a 31-17 win. Big day for Ryan, Turner, and White! Turner gets 137 yards on the ground and 35 yards on 3 receptions and one TD rushing, 1 receiving. Roddy White will have 1 Td (38 yards), 127 yards on 7 receptions. Harry Douglas adds a 9 Yard Touchdown. Defense adds a good performance! Delhomme throws 2 picks. Also, Deangelo Williams coughs up a fumble, deep in his own territory that leads to a falcons score. NFL.com might say something like this...

It was over when: Matt Ryan connected with Harry Douglas late in the first half for a 9 yard touchdown, following a Carolina turnover. Falcons led 21-0 at that point, and cruised to a victory.

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from NFL.com

More defenses with favorable matchups

Broncos defense vs. Oakland, Buccaneers defense at Detroit, Cowboys defense vs. San Francisco, Redskins defense at Seattle, Vikings defense at Jacksonville.

Sleeper alert: Falcons defense vs. Carolina.

sleeper, i expect a big day from these guys

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it just depends on what happens......

If we do lose it pretty much puts a nail in the division championship hopes but it does not playoff hpes in the slightest.

we would have to hope some other teams lose but that is always a possibility in the nfl

Agreed. The wild card is still a possibility if we lose. The Skins and Cowboys are both 6-4 and the Eagles are 5-4-1, so worst case scenario we are a game behind. However, I got a good feeling about this game, unlike the Denver game. I think Turner has a big day and we get an easy win, similar to the Saints game.

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