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Teams to Pull for This Weekend


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49er's over Cowboys

- I think this can be done as Singletary's effect is starting to show

Lions over Buccaneers

- Yikes, well Detroit will fight for 1 win, maybe this will be it...but I really doubt it

Rams over Bears

- The Rams seem to be regressing so this will be near impossible

Ravens over Eagles

- Possible, but I don't want Flacco to beat them when Ryan didn't

Seahawks over Redskins

- the Redskins have been in my book the most overrated team all season, maybe Hasselback fires the team back up

And of course...

Falcons over Panthers!

There are a couple of other games that could help us in case we lose this weekend, but if we lose the playoffs will probably be out of the question, so I won't bother to include them.

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Thanks for posting this..

Doesn't look too good, does it?

MAYBE 49er's over Cowboys, and Raven/Eagles and Seahawks/Redskins arer a toss-up IMO.

But I can't see Detroit winning in a million years.

PS: I feel the same way about Flacco :lol: but remember we didn't even have a chance to win that game

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