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Ok If anyone watched FSU tonight or at all this year


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Nothing wrong with a little draft talk here... partly because it is inevitably driven by the current falcons, and areas in which they need to be improved.

Everette Brown would be a very good pickup. He's got a great first step, and would add to our 3rd down pass rush, which has been seriosuly lacking. Anderson would start at LDE, but on 3rd downs he would slide inside, Brown and Abraham would man the ends, and Babs would play alongside Anderson. All that speed would make it much harder for teams to focus only on Abraham.

Brown would then have some time to develop, while playing situationally, into an everydown end to replace Abe as he gets older.

DE is not an imperative need in terms of starters, but it would have a huge impact on our D's ability to get off the field on 3rd down, something at which we have struggled this year - see the long Marshall catch on 3rd down last week, for example.

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