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How much FALCONS APPAREL do you own?


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I have NO Falcons apparel...all I had was a hat, a t-shirt, and a Starter coat, but both got so old that it became time to don some new gear.

I was on the verge of getting my Vick jersey, but they got pulled when everything went down. <_<

Now, I'm in the process of getting a black Turner jersey, a red Ryan jersey, and a Falcons equipment skullie and grey hoody. I was almost tempted to get the polo Smitty and Co. wears. I went to a few stores at Stonecrest and one of the store owners told me that he stopped selling the hoodies because the team wasn't winning, SMH. I asked well what about now? He said he still wasn't going to order any because they were too expensive and people just weren't buying them...you can pretty much guess which team sold the most there, UGA.

Post/Brag on how much Falcons gear you own!

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I have 2 YKW jerseys deep away in my closet as well as a crumpler jersey, I have a Falcons Patrick Kerney Jersey on my wall cuz I loved that guy. I have 5 different falcons hats, 4 t shirts a sweat shirt, 2 coffee mugs, special edition falcons football, falcons only parking sign, falcons blanket, a couple different falcons cards, and a falcons banner...theres probably more I just cant think of it though.

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4 jerseys: old-school Brooking, red Norwood, red Deangelo Hall (ughhh), and a black Peerless Price (double ughhhh)

1 new black Falcons' hat (never wear hats, though)

1 pair of Falcons' red socks

Falcons' license plate

2 Falcons' stickers on my Jeep


I want to wear something black for tomorrow's game, but I'm not going to wear my Peerless Price jersey and the Brooking jersey is too small on me. I don't have any black Falcons' shirts, either. I don't know what to do.

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Lets see...

Turner jsy

Falcons hoody

Falcons hat (buying another gangsta hat)

Falcons beanie hat (with a tip, ya know they are awesome)

Falcons carpet mat, Throw rug, 98 NFC champs pennet, bunch of figurines and bottles etc.

A couple auto'd 8 x 10's on my wall, a few signed mini helmets...

Im awesome, i still need some more stuff

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Jerseys packed in the closet, because we cannot keep a player once I buy a jersey (all Black jerseys):







Tuggle (right before he retired... at least I still like him)

Chandler (At least got a SB appearance out of it!)

Jam (didnt last long)


I felt safe with Vick when he first signed, and then he broke his ankle. Upon his return and 2004 extension, I went all out a bought the other 2 jerseys for him (White and Red). That went well...

So now, just this week to console me after the Denver loss, I bought a Ryan jersey. THIS ONE I hope to keep for a LONG time. I'm too chicken to get a Turner just yet... Maybe once the season ends.

I think, though, my next jersey is just going to be a personalized jersey, either for my name (cant figure a number though) or just one that says "Falcons" on the back for a name, and the year of expansion.... at least that way I could let that jersey get some history for me.

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A falcon Jacket

3 Falcon Hats

5 Falcon Jerseys (3 Vick (1 Rookie Jersey ,Dunn,Crumpler)


Falcon Robe

Falcon Blood w/the Black in it

Falcon Scream Mask

Falcon Plush Dice in my car window

Falcon Fathead

Falcon License Plates

Falcon Wallet

Falcon Keychain

Falcon Mousepad

Falcon Calender

Falcon Riddell Red Helmet 1970's

Falcon Holographic Cup

Falcon Glass

Falcon Freeze Cup

Falcon Bath Towel

Falcon Pennant

Falcon Toy Escalade that will never be open

Falcon Lunch Box From Elementary School

Falcon Flag on Wall

Falcon Flag for My Car

Falcon Too legit to Quit Tapes

A Steve Bartowski Picture


Falcons Sports Plate

My own 2 Drawn Vick Pics

A Vick Pic i Bought

Falcon CD Holder

AND FINALLY!...maybe.... MY FALCON Carved Art Project!!! :o :o :o WHEW!!!

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