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Matt Ryan on Falcons Face to Face


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Basically he was talking about how the game this weekend will come down to execution.

He played Virigina Tech twice in one season at BC so its going to be an adjustment to make playing 3 teams twice in once season.

Everyone on the team gets along well...and have been on the same page.

Growing up he liked all Philly teams..he said "regrettably" he liked the eagles growing up lol..

His biggest football moment was going to play clemson in S.C. because the locker room atmosphere after the game was great.

His favorite movie is Goodwill Hunting...

Fav food is Pizza hands down..

Has adjusted well to living in Atlanta and the fans have welcomed him.

Wants people at the dome Sunday loud and energetic...

He said the domes crowd has been awesome the entire year so far..

I'm trying to think of what else he said lol...

I think he said his Uncle use to be a QB at Boston College too..and also hes rooting for them to make it to the ACC Championship..

thats all I got now..if I think of anything else I'll come back :) pretty good show though..

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