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Guitar players, check this out.

Mr. Hoopah!

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Dave Gonzalez

Dave Gonzalez, (formerly of the Paladins and most recently the Hacienda Brothers, who won't be making any new records after their co-lead singer and accordion player passed away earlier this year), playing with Mike Barfield and the Stone River Boys. He's currently touring with them, I hope they go into the studio, they are great. Check out the other videos of them.

Anyways, the main reason I posted this is for you guys to check out Dave's new Fender Custom Shop Baritone Jazzmaster that Master Builder Chris Fleming built for him. He was playing a Danelectro baritone alot and was approached by the Fender Custom Shop to work on a new baritone. He had an old Fender Bass VI stashed away and gave the neck to the custom shop and this guitar emerged. It's got a 30-inch scale legnth neck, strung with .14-.70 gauge strings, tuned A-A (check out how he's bending those things in the video!), and they had to work to fit the longer neck to the Jazzmaster body. They got rid of the tremolo, put a strat-style input jack on it, and Dave requested the Antigua finish. (All of this came from a recent Guitar Player interview with Dave, this is where I first heard of him and became interested).

This guitar is so awesome, I've wanted a baritone for a while now anyways to mess around with, but I really want one now. He plays the heck out of that thing. Check out the other videos on there too, he can play a tele with the best of them as well. I dig their country-rockabilly-soul sound. Hope you guys enjoy this.

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